Bledlow Holy Trinity Church Choir

Here is the music we are currently working on, with links to scores, composers' biographies, YouTube recordings and part-learning sites where available. At the bottom are links to various learning aids. Learning files are available on John Fletcher's excellent website. As a choir, we are signed up to this, and you can find instructions for using it here (pdf).
here are also 3 archive pages, listing 1) the music we have sung in cathedrals, 2) our repertoire catalogue in alphabetical order of composer, & 3) of title.

Asked why he continued to practice for three hours a day at the age of 93, the great Catalan 'cellist, Pablo Casals, answered: 'Because I'm beginning to notice some improvement.'

Service   Day   Date   Time   Score Composer Recording  
Durham Cathedral   (NB: music will be selected from the following, though not necessarily in the order below.)  
Evensong   Saturday   Dec 29th   5.15 pm   Evening service in E or Murrill Guildford Cathedral  
                Service in G Sumsion Guildford Cathedral (Mag), (Nunc)  
                ? Canterbury Responses How Bledlow Choir  
Matins   Sunday   Dec 30th   10 am   Responses in A Reading Part 1 and Part 2  
Sung Communion           11.15 am   Service in E Darke Agnus  
Evensong           3.30 pm   Evening service in Eb Brewer Ampleforth  
Anthems will include               Today the Virgin Tavener King's College, Cambridge  
                O magnum mysterium Lauridsen King's College, Cambridge  
                Omnes de Saba Handl Recording with score  
St Paul's Cathedral   Monday   Jan 7th 2019   5 pm   Service in G Sumsion Guildford Cathedral (Mag), (Nunc)  
                Canterbury Responses How Bledlow Choir  
                O nata lux Lauridsen The King's Singers  
Also (sine die)               O be joyful Helvey Choral Holidays (Hereford cathedral)  
                Third Service Knott Llandaff Cathedral  
                Praise the Lord Knott    
Useful websites and learning aids
John Fletcher Music
  Superb site with extensive (free) learning parts. Instructions for using it here.
Rhythm Demonstration   Food-name mnemonics for the main rhythmic groups you'll come across
Rehearsal and Learning Aids   Useful page on ChoralNet devoted to listing the alternatives on offer
Choralpractice   New (paying, but with free introductory offer) Norwegian site offering comprehensive learning parts
BBC   Links to websites offering various skills relevant to singers
Sight Reading   Cheerful sight reading site, with clear and comprehensive pages
ABRSM Music Theory workbooks   Grades 1 to 8, these workbooks have clear explanations with each exercise. Buy direct: Grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
First Steps in Music Theory   Eric Taylor's primer to go with Grades 1 to 5
The AB Guide to Music Theory Part II   Eric Taylor's more advanced guide to Grades 6 to 8
Cantate Domino   Contains many scores, recordings and learning resources
If you are interested in joining our choir, please contact our choirmaster, Jeff Stewart