Bledlow Holy Trinity Church Choir

Here is the music we are currently working on, with links to scores, composers' biographies, YouTube recordings and part-learning sites where available. At the bottom are links to various learning aids. Learning files are available on John Fletcher's excellent website. As a choir, we are signed up to this, and you can find instructions for using it here (pdf).
here are also 3 archive pages, listing 1) the music we have sung in cathedrals, 2) our repertoire catalogue in alphabetical order of composer, & 3) of title.

Asked why he continued to practice for three hours a day at the age of 93, the great Catalan 'cellist, Pablo Casals, answered: 'Because I'm beginning to notice some improvement.'

Service   Day   Date   Time   Score Composer Recording  
Southwell Minster                  
Evensong   Saturday   June 1st   5.30 pm   Introit: Cantate Domino Pitoni Berlin Chamber Choir  
    Preces & Responses Clucas 1st set + 2nd set (Southwell Minster Choir)  
NB: all hymns are in the New English Hymnal, apart from *,   Psalms 6, 7 & 8 (Gloria after 8 only)      
which is in Common Praise.           Mag and Nunc in D Dyson King's College, Cambridge (with moving score)  
                Insanae et vanae curae Haydn King's College, Cambridge (with moving score)  
                Hymn: 170 (t. 1) Lo, in the wilderness Luther Luther's Hymn: Anonymous, piano  
Southwell Minster service schedule for the weekend   Final Responses Naylor Southwell Minster Choir  
Family Eucharist Sunday   June 2nd   9.30 am   Mass of St Thomas Thorne Girls' Choir of Norwich Cathedral
Gloria : Sanctus & Benedictus
                Agnus Dei Stewart    
                Cantique de Jean Racine Fauré Trinity College, Cambridge  
                Hymns: 349 Come, let us join Lahee Nativity: Metropolitan Tabernacle  
                63 All ye who seek Tochter Sion St Bernard: Instrumental version  
                271 Alleluya, sing to Jesus Prichard Hyfrydol: Norwich Cathedral  
                298 May the grace of Christ Bach Gott des Himmels: Instrumental version  
                *CP 398 Christ triumphant Barnard Guiting Power: Anonymous  
Sung Eucharist   Sunday   June 2nd   11.15 am   Little Organ Mass (complete) Haydn Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble  
                Little Organ Mass (omitting the Credo, and with the Gloria at the end) Recordings with scrolling score: Kyrie
Benedictus (chorus after 4mins 30 secs)
Agnus Dei
Gloria (long version by Michael Haydn)
                Creed Merbecke The Men's Choir of St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Ottawa  
                Lord's Prayer   Anonymous recording  
                Hymns: 388 (t.1) Jesus shall reign Psalmodia Evangelica Truro: Anonymous  
                352 Crown him with many crowns Elvey Diademata: Westminster Abbey  
                Gradual: Jesu Dulcis Memoria Victoria The Cambridge Singers  
                Hymn: 332 All hail the power Shrubsole Miles Lane: Shenandoah Christian Music Camp  
                Thy word is a lantern Purcell Temple Church Choir  
Evensong   Sunday   June 2nd   3.30 pm   Prayer of King Henry Ley St Thomas' Cathedral, New York  
                Preces & Responses Clucas 1st set + 2nd set (Southwell Minster Choir)  
                Psalm 68 (omit vvs. 21-23)      
                Mag and Nunc in G Sumsion Guildford Cathedral Choir (Mag), (Nunc)  
                They that go down to the sea Sumsion Roden Boys' Choir  
                Hymns: 129 O Christ our hope Redhead Metzler's Redhead no. 66: Truro Cathedral  
                134 The head that once Clarke St Magnus: Instrumental version  
                Final Responses Naylor Southwell Minster Choir