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The music on this page is sorted according to the cathedral in which it was sung.

Date Cathedral Service Introit Responses Anthem Canticles / Setting Psalm Hymn(s)
9.6.18 Birmingham Evensong Prayer of King Henry Reading Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure Sumsion in G 46
17.4.18 Canterbury Evensong Reading The strife is o'er - Ley Gibbons Short Service 89 vvs. 1-9 Richmond
2.1.13 Coventry Evensong How Bogoroditse Devo Murrill in E
20.1.16 Coventry Evensong Hide not thou thy face Ayleward Remember not, Lord, our offences - Purcell Moore 3rd service 4 Father of everlasting grace
21.1.16 Coventry Eucharist Thou knowest, Lord - Purcell Darke in E There's a wideness in God's mercy; In the cross of Christ I glory; Timeless love!; The God of Abraham praise
21.1.16 Coventry Evensong God be in my head Ayleward Solus ad victimam Batten 4th Service 135 The kingdom of God is justice and joy
29.12.18 Durham Evensong How Omnes de Saba - Handl Brewer in Eb 131, 132 O little one sweet
30.12.18 Durham Mattins How Today the Virgin - Taverner Stanford in Bb 132 Good Christians all, rejoice, While shepherds
30.12.18 Durham Communion Lulajze Jesuniu Darke in E A great & mighty wonder, In the bleak, Lord for the years, Thou who wast rich
20.12.18 Durham Evensong Reading O magnum mysterium - Lauridsen Sumsion in G 105 Angels from the realms, Come thou redeemer
3.7.22 Greenwich Communion Jesu dulicis memoria - Victoria   Exsultate Deo - Scarlatti Lassus Je suis desheritee 31 vvs 1-6 New every morning is the love, Father of mercy, god of consolation, Teach me, my God and King
31.10.14 Hereford Evensong Aylward Saint-Saens Justorum animae Brewer in F 147-150 (Stanford)
28.5.22 Lichfield Evensong


Reading Expectans expectavi - Wood Wood in D 137,138
5.10.13 Malvern Evensong Locus iste - Bruckner How Sing we merrily - Campbell Brewer in D
4.1.15 Norwich Eucharist O magnum mysterium - Lauridsen The Three Kings - Cornelius Darke in E 72 vvs. 10-15 As with , Brightest and best, Hail to the Lord's, We three kings
4.1.15 Norwich Evensong The Three Kings - Cornelius How Omnes de Saba - Handl Walmisley in D minor 98, 100 Why, impious Herod, From the eastern mountains
25.8.15 Oxford Evensong Clucas A New Song - MacMillan Moore 3rd service 119 vvs. 73 - 104 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
13.7.14 Paris, American Cathedral Eucharist Jesu dulcis memoria - Victoria, Cantate domino - Monteverdi Ave verum - Byrd Mathias Gloria 119 vvs 105-112 God is love (Abbots Leigh), Come, gracious Spirit (Mendon), My God, and is (Rockingham), Guide me (Cwm Rhondda)
13.7.14 Paris, American Cathedral Victoria - Jesu Dulcis Memoria, Monteverdi - Cantate Domino Offertory anthem: Campbell - Sing we merrily 119 Abbots Leigh, Mendon, Rockingham, Cwm Rhondda
26.11.16 Peterborough Evensong O nata lux - Tallis Reading Let all mortal flesh - Bairstow Walmisley in D minor 149,150 Father hear, Love divine (Blaenwern)
7.10.17 Ripon Evensong Reading O nata lux - Lauridsen Knott 37
13.4.19 Salisbury Evensong


Smith Solus ad victimam - Leighton Berwer in Eb 130 When I survey
26.2.22 Salisbury Evensong Clucas Lauridsen - O nata Lux Moore 3rd Service 119 vvs, 145-160 Sandys
27.2.22 Salisbury Eucharist   Tomos Jones - Oculi Omnium Haydn Kleine Orgelmesse pp 2-14 & 22-35 Lobe den Herren, Martyrdom, Longing for light, Nun danket
27.2.22 Salisbury Evensong Clucas Scarlatti - Exultate Deo Brewer in D 89: 1-19 King of Glory (Gwalchmai)
17.3.12 Southwark Evensong Ayelward O vos omnes - Victoria Stanford in A
14.1.23` Southwark Evensong   Ayleward Save us, O God - Bairstow Knott in A minor 85  
13.4.13 Southwell Minster Evensong O sing joyfully Batten How Set me as a seal Dyson in F 69,70 The strife is o'er
14.4.13 Southwell Minster Parish Communion Walther Bb m. 2,Telemann Lord, I trust thee - Handel Darke in E Fulda, Wurttemberg, St Bees, Ellacombe
14.4.13 Southwell Minster Cath. Euch BCP Walther B m.2 Exsultate Deo - Scarlatti Haydn Little Organ Mass Ellacombe, Christchurch, Noel nouvelet, St Fulbert
14.4.13 Southwell Minster Evensong In pace in idipsusm How Blessed be the G&F - Wesley Murrill in E 86 Nun lasst uns, Orientis partibus
4.9.11 Southwell Minster Evensong Cantate domino - Pitoni Tomkins Lord, let me know mine end Batten 4th Service 18 Benson
5.9.11 Southwell Minster Parish Communion CPs on Ein feste Burg Blessed be thou O Lord God - How Batten Short Communion Service Ein feste Burg, Repton, East Acklam, Bread of Heaven, Narenza
5.9.11 Southwell Minster Evensong Prayer of King Henry Tomkins Sing we merrily - Campbell Stainer in Bb 108 Truro, King's Lynn
1.6.19 Southwell Minster Evensong Cantate Domino - Pitoni Clucas Insanae et vanae curae - Haydn Dyson in D 6,7,8 Luther's hymn
2.5.19 Southwell Minster Parish Communion Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure Thorne/Stewart Agnus Nativity, St Bernard, Hyfrydol, Waltham, Guiting Power
2.6.19 Southwell Minster Euch BCP Jesu dulcis memoria - Victoria (Gradual) Thy word is a lantern - Purcell Haydn Little Organ Mass Truro, Diademata, Miles Lane
2.6.19 Southwell Minster Evensong Prayer of King Henry Clucas They that go down - Sumsion Sumsion in G 68 Metzler's Redhead, St Magnus
13.4.19 Salisbury Evensong Reading Solus ad victimam Brewer in Eb 130 Rockingham
5.11.22 St David's Evensong Ayleward Holy is the true light - Harris Statham in E minor 145 NEH 341
6.11.22 St David's Eucharist Jesu dulcis memoria - Victoria   Prayer of St Columba - MacDowell Casciolini 17 vvs 1-8 NEH 271, 332, 408
6.11.22 St David's Evensong Cantate domino - Pitoni Ayleward Insanae et vanae - Haydn Murrill in E 20 & 90 NEH 500, 498 (omit*), 443
10.9.18 St Paul's Evensong Rose A New Song - MacMillan Knott 29
7.1.19 St Paul's Evensong How O nata lux - Lauridsen Sumsion in G
23.9.19 St Paul's Evensong Smith Hail, gladdening light - Wood Murrill in E
13.12.21 St Paul's Evensong Clucas Expectans expectavi - Wood Stanford in G 107
14.11.22 St Paul's Evensong Ayleward Insanae et vanae - Haydn Statham in E minor 37 vvs 25-41  
24.10.15 Winchester Evensong Clucas Turn back, O man - Holst Moore 3rd service 119 vv.s 1-16 Judge eternal
25.10.15 Winchester Mattins Clucas Set me as a seal Te Deum - Stanford 119 vv121-136 All ye who seek, God is working his purpose
25.10.15 W in chester Eucharist Locus iste - Bruckner Rakhmaninov in Bb 34 vv 1-8 Lord, they word, Word of the Father, God is working
25.10.15 Winchester Evensong How A New Song - MacMillan Brewer in D 119 vv 89 - 104 Teach me, my God, Son of God, eternal saviour
23.5.15 Worcester Evensong Tomkins All the ends of the World - Boyce Gibbons Short Service 48 The head that once, All my hope
24.5.15 Worcester Eucharist If ye love me - Tallis Rakhmaninov in Bb 104 24-end Come down, O love divine; Eternal Ruler; Come, holy Ghost; O thou, who camest from above
24.5.15 Worcester Evensong Clucas Confirma hoc, Deus - Salieri Moore 3rd service 139 1-11 Crediton, Charity
31.12.11 York Minster Evensong Tomkins In dulci jubilo - de Pearsall Brewer in D 149/150
1.1.12 York Minster Eucharist O magnum mysterium - Lauridsen Darke in E
1.1.12 York Minster Eucharist (BCP) Casciolini
1.1.12 York Minster Evensong Aylward Today the Virgin - Taverner Walmisley d 115 St Peter
1.6.14 York Minster Eucharist (BCP) Gounod - Messe+ Chorale 4
1.6.14 York Minster Evensong How Insanae et vanae curae - Haydn Stanford in C