The Parish of Bledlow with Saunderton and Horsenden

Bledlow, Holy Trinity: Heating And Re-ordering Project (HARP)

Holy Trinity Church has been at the heart of Bledlow for over 1000 years.
During this time the building has developed and changed to serve the needs of the community.

The HARP (Heating And Re-ordering) Project seeks to renew the purpose of a very special structure
in a way that enables it to be used flexibly, yet preserves and protects its existing character, integrity and significance.

To make the main body of Holy Trinity a safer and warmer environment, the floor was be levelled in the nave, with a stone floor throughout (see left - the work as on September 18th). A new fume-free quieter and more efficient under-floor heating system was also installed. The doors were restored so that they fit properly, making them as draught-free as possible, and the wiring system was updated. See the ground plan and elevation sections

The objective was to give us a more comfortable, flexible, safer space to prepare for services, occasional offices (baptisms, weddings, funerals) Explorers etc.

Details of the flooring work.