The Bledlow 100 Club

Support the Choir & have the chance to win a cash prize every three months!
Singing the praises of Bledlow Church Choir
Bledlow Church Choir
sings regularly in the Parish Church as well as in some of our country's great cathedrals, such as
York Minster
, Norwich, Coventry and Salsibury, to name but a few.
In 2014 it returned to York Minster, followed by the American Cathedral in Paris, and
in 2015 visits included Norwich, Oxford, Winchester and Worcester cathedrals.
In 2016 it visited Coventry, Guildford and Peterborough cathedrals, and
in 2017 it visited St Edmundsbury and Ripon cathedrals.
In 2018 it will visit Portsmouth, Birmingham and Durham cathedrals, and
2019 St Paul's Cathedral , Southwell Minster and St Albans Cathedral .

The Choir attracts members of all ages, led by its choirmaster, Jeff Stewart, a Professor of Music at the Royal College of Music, a conductor, and an international tenor opera singer, whose enthusiasm and inspirational style of teaching lifts it to unexpected heights! Its organist is Cynthia Hall FRCO, who has played the piano since the age of 4 and went on to learn the organ while teaching philosophy in the USA. She has held a number of organists posts, and joins the Choir for its weekly practices, often taking over when Jeff is unavailable.

Choir members pay all their own expenses on their cathedral visits, but they now asking for your help to raise funds for the choir's running costs. Join the Bledlow 100 Club to help support it, and be entered into a quarterly draw to win up to £200. Please read the rules here (pdf version here) and complete and return the application form (pdf) to the organiser, Mike Beattie, to whom any queries should be addressed.
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Spring Draw
Spring Draw
  January Colin Lees   Philip Goding
1st Derek Stone
  1st Gerard Beattie   February Holly Nicholls   Julie Sinclair
2nd Tom Beattie   2nd Lee Byrne   March Team at Beattie & Co   Susan Anderson
3rd Stephen Bartlet-Jones   3rd Mima Manning   April Chris Day   Kerri Byrne
Summer Draw
Summer Draw
  May Louise Bushell   Jennifer Madden
1st Mary Uglow   1st Chris Nicholls   June Team at Chase & Co   Gerard Beattie
2nd 009 Club   2nd Mike France   July William Avery   Kip Manning
3rd Kathryn McNeil   3rd Philip Goding   August Kenneth Folley   Les Owen
Autumn Draw
Autumn Draw
  September Giles Manning   Madelaine Day
1st Fiona Manning   1st Kathryn MacNeil   October John Leslie   Nick Sanders
2nd 009 Club   2nd Jane Leslie   November Mary Uglow    Kenneth Folley
3rd Giles Manning   3rd Rev'd Jennifer Locke   December John Leslie   Gerald Fowler
Winter Draw
Winter Draw
1st Debs Dobson   1st Ralph Westby          
2nd Jo Stewart   2nd Clare Wilcox          
3rd Mary Abbis   3rd Chris Day          

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